Ways & Tips to become a self-made millionaire

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It’s easily to understand you’re willing to become financially free and turn yourself to a self-made millionaire, but in order to achieve that there is some ways and tips you need to follow.

It is absolutely possible to become a millionaire from ground up without any money, but there is no shortcut to this process. There are plenty of real-life examples of people, who have made it big through their own efforts. They have done it without, very little or no money, but the common theme among all these people is an attitude to triumph, perseverance, dedication and a single-minded focus to achieve their goals.

I have tried to summarize the main ways which will help you in your journey to become financial independent

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1.    Work Harder

If you want to be a self-made success story you have to forget all the get money fast spams are none of them are valid, you’re going to have to work and study a lot harder than everybody else. You’re going to have to constantly push yourself—never let yourself get complacent, stop learning, or cease seeking out new challenges. Make to-do lists and complete them. Then make new ones.

2. Read

Reading is the number one thing you can do to boost your chances of success. You’ll get new ideas, stay on the cutting edge of every conversation, and generally just stay smart and sharp. Which, if you want to be a millionaire, is what you’ll need to do. Grow your knowledge and skill base as widely as possible. Develop interests and pursue those interests doggedly. Be the best at something.

3. Find a Mentor

You should already be surrounding yourself with successful, like-minded people. It’s great to shift your own outlook and build some momentum. But take care to single out a mentor. Yours could be a parent, teacher, career mentor, yourself, or even a character in a book. The point is to choose someone you admire, whom you can emulate and become more successful in the process.

4. Don’t Waste Time

From now on, your time is money. Don’t invest your time in anything not worth the effort. And cut back on your television and social media intake. If you keep your YouTube video watching habits and other screen time down to an hour a day, imagine how much more you could get done.

5- Focus and Discipline

Rather than focusing on money, focus on your goal to achieve success, and money will follow. If you know what you want, and then have the discipline to go after it, don’t get sidetracked by less important matters. You may cut expenses or, better yet, look for ways to increase your income to meet your goal, but you must have to stick with your goal to become a millionaire.


6. Be a Good Person

Don’t just aim to be rich in money; aim to be rich in spirit. Tip well. Listen attentively. Give to those less fortunate than you and be sure to take time to care for your loved ones. The pursuit of success can often be a lonely one—don’t leave your family and friends behind. And be sure to give back wherever possible. Your soul is as important as your bank account.

7. See the Big Picture

Don’t just focus on your short-term success and set lofty goals for the year’s end. Focus on the bigger picture of how you want your life to be shaped. Keep your eye on the biggest, most motivating prize and let yourself be continually driven and inspired.


8. Take calculated risks, and persevere through failures

While the middle class lives in fear of risking too much, often content to stay in their lane, millionaires strive to move out of theirs and know when to go for it. Ordinary folks do not go beyond their comfort zone so as not to upset the milk bowl, but the fact here is that without taking calculated risks and overcoming fear, you would never become a millionaire.

You need to take calculated risks to be a self-made millionaire. When deciding whether or not to take a risk, ask yourself what is the worst case scenario? Evaluate the costs versus reward probabilities before jumping in with both feet. If you can anticipate the worst outcome, you can survive the odds. Millionaires overcome fear with knowledge, and educate themselves before taking risks, and then they consider the consequences of failing. They calculate the intensity of the risk versus the power of the reward. If you can survive the worst that could happen and if the most likely thing to happen will get you closer to your goals, then go for it.

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9. Shift Focus from Spending to Investing

You can never build wealth if more money is leaving your wallet than what is coming in. This is especially true for a salary earner who aims to become a millionaire. You don’t need to earn a lot of money to become wealthy; it’s what you do with that money that matters.

The rich don’t spend money; they invest, they count every penny and put in somewhere productive. The worst you can do in your drive to become a self-made millionaire is to spend your earnings. You have to develop the habit of buying what is an absolute necessity of life instead of spending on pleasures. You have to draw up a plan of what percentage of your profits to plow back into your business, and what percentage to invest into other things.


10. Live Frugally

You sometimes have to spend money to make money. But that doesn’t mean you should spend whatever you make. Try to live as humbly as possible while you amass the cash you’ll need to take yourself to the next level.

In Summary; having a lot of money to start with is not a pre-requisite to become successful or extremely wealthy. The only way to become successful and have that success translate into wealth is sheer hard work and grit, the ability to take risks and make the most out of opportunities that come one’s way. This is what separates the normal folk from the extremely successful persons. It is important to remember that all the successful, self-made millionaires had something special in them that set them apart from others. Either they were gifted with that talent or they acquired it through sheer hard work! What you do depends on you!

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