Top TEN Tips To Save Money

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  1. Don’t spend more than you earn.

  1. Get a second job or side hustle, even if it’s a small one. Save the income from that job. Or pay your expenses from that job and save the money from the first one.

  1. Only buy the clothes you are in need for and try to get on sale.

  1. Figure out what you can spend for food and stick to it.

  1. Always check the clearance and marked-down bins at the grocery store.

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6. What’s on sale? That’s what you’re going to eat this week.

7.  At least once a month, take a week where you don’t go in any shops at all , including groceries.
8. Make your own coffee. Invest in a good travel mug that keeps it hot and encourage yourself to stick to that.

9.   Get a clear savings bank. Move any extra cash in there, along with change. When it’s full, put it in a separate bank account from your regular one.

10.  Do NOT use money from that separate account, unless you absolutely have to and only for emergencies.


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