How to Save Money when Shopping on the Internet

How to Save Money when Shopping on the Internet

Use cashback services every time you shop online Surprisingly, many people still don’t know about cashback services or don’t want to spend their time using them before every online purchase. You need to spend 5 minutes once to register on the cashback service website and set up your account and 30 seconds to make an online purchase, but at the same time, over time, you can save a decent amount of money. For purchases in American and English online stores, I use this cashback service.

I use this service for Chinese and Russian online stores. Most cashback sites have partnerships with major online retailers, so the chances of a refund for purchases made through cashback services are quite high. It is also worth noting that the use of cashback services does not exclude savings in other ways (for example, using coupons, loyalty programs, credit cards with cashback, etc.). Some buyers find ways to combine cashback with other saving methods, which I will write about a little later in tip # 7.


Use promo codes and discount coupons

Every time you shop at an online store, it is worth checking if there are valid coupons or promotional codes for that store. Whether it’s a free shipping coupon or a discount promotional code, the right coupon can dramatically reduce your purchasing costs. Coupons and promotional codes can be found in a variety of locations including Cashback sites Online store sites Coupon sites (for example RetailMeNot, Coupons, Couponster, PromoPro, CouponGuide, Sbercode, Buykers, etc.) Social networks. Many online stores are featured on social media.

Pay for purchases with bank cards with cashback

There are literally hundreds of different bank cards to choose from nowadays. Finding the card that’s right for you depends on many things, including your monthly expenses, credit history, favorite stores, the choice between a cashback or free miles, etc. One thing is for sure if you don’t shop online by using a bank card of any type, you are probably missing out on significant savings.

Some banks offer cashback up to 6% for purchases with a card. All you have to do is figure out which cards are best for you. What to look for? The first is the service fee for the card, which is usually charged once a year. The second is the interest rate on the credit card if you use borrowed funds. The third is the commission for withdrawing cash if you plan to not only pay with your card, but also withdraw money. Further, there may be some small expenses associated with the payment for SMS notification, for insurance (if you have activated this service) and maybe for something else.

Participate in online store loyalty programs

Many online retailers offer loyalty programs for their customers. Joining these programs at the stores you buy from most is a great way to save extra money. Typically, your current purchases will be rewarded with points that you can spend on your next purchases or receive free shipping or other perks. Check online retailer sites for customer loyalty programs in order to join or learn more about the benefits.   Please carefully check all emails sent by your stores and keep an eye out for promotions in which you can earn extra points. Develop your strategy for using your points and coupons in the future. Beware of falling into the trap where your accumulated points force you to buy things you don’t need.

Use co-branded cards to pay for purchases at certain stores

I have already touched on the topic of bank cards with cashback in tip # 4, but there are bank cards designed for specific online stores that can help you save significantly more than standard credit cards. These are the so-called co-branded cards. A co-branded card is a joint offer of a bank with one or several partner companies, which allows you to receive discounts or bonuses when using it. Such cards are issued, for example, by Tinkoff bank for the AliExpress or eBay store.

Combine cashback, coupons, discounts, and bonuses for maximum savings

So, you’ve already started using cashback services when shopping, found a couple of coupons here and there, and perhaps even joined a store’s loyalty program. But how do you get the most out of all the advice I’ve given so far? Answer: “Combine”. When shopping, you should strive to combine multiple ways of saving together. At a minimum, you should always use a cashback service and a cashback credit card every time you shop online. To truly maximize your savings, look to combine cashback, coupons, discounts, loyalty points, and credit card cashback in one purchase. You can also buy a gift certificate with a discount, and then use it with the purchase together with a promotional code.

Subscribe to the newsletter of your favorite online stores

Getting email news from your favorite online retailers is a great way to learn about discounts, coupons, loyalty program bonuses, and other money-saving opportunities. By subscribing to the store’s free rewards programs, you will receive exclusive offers, often free shipping, and other fantastic discounts! Also, subscribe to the pages of your favorite stores on social networks. This will allow you to be the first to know about the exclusive offers of these stores.   Keep in mind that as the number of newsletter subscriptions increases, you will receive more and more emails in your inbox, and eventually it will literally swell with emails. One way to avoid clutter in your inbox is to set up email filters that route promotional messages to specific folders. You can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time if you think that these messages are of no value to you.

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