How to Make Money from Marketing Surveys

How to make money from marketing surveys

Five years ago, I went to my first survey and received 1000 ₽ in two hours. In this article, I will tell you how to make money in your free time with the help of market research.

Why participate in marketing research

Marketers study people’s opinions on various issues: from the choice of sausage and shampoo to the idea of an ideal residential complex. The polls discuss slogans, adoptions, brand image, and image. It helps marketers understand how to market a product.

Who is involved in the research? You can become a survey participant if you meet the criteria for a marketer. He selects the right audience for each study. For example, in the survey about diapers, young mothers participate, and about running shoes – people who are interested in sports and a healthy lifestyle. You will be refused if you do not fit the specified parameters.

Even people who influence public opinion cannot participate in polls: journalists, advertisers, marketers. Those who know the industry from the inside are also refused. For example, sellers and manufacturers of dietary supplements cannot participate in surveys about vitamins.

How often you can participate. You can participate in the discussions of one marketing agency no more than once every six months. If you come to the same company for the second time within six months, then you will be checked in the database and sent home. Online surveys can be completed with the same frequency.

How much can you earn? For participation in one focus group, I was paid 1000 rubles, for an online survey – 2000 rubles, for a survey in Telegram – 200 rubles. But it all depends on the customer’s budget and the sphere. If the research requires people with special knowledge, for example, doctors, then the fee can reach 10,000 rubles.

Types of marketing research

Audience opinion is studied in many ways. For example, they gather people in the same room for a discussion, offer to fill out an electronic questionnaire, or take an online survey in a messenger.

Focus group. Brainstorming a brand or product. For example, a customer produces a sausage and wants to understand how to rebrand a product.

The marketer selects the target audience: men and women aged 25-45 who are responsible for the purchase of meat products in the family. For two to three hours, he discusses with them the nuances of choosing and buying sausages. Finds out what stores they go to, what brands they know, how they relate to brands, what they think about the price.

According to the results of the survey, each participant receives 800-1500 rubles. The amount depends on the customer’s budget and audience selection criteria. If a marketer needs a very narrow audience, for example, pediatricians or hospital directors, then the payment goes up to 10,000 rubles.

Online survey on the site. You register on a special site and complete the tasks of a marketer. If, for example, the survey is about medicines, you will be asked to take a picture of a home medicine cabinet and tell about it. The survey lasts two to four days, you spend on tasks from one to three hours a day.

For taking an online survey, they pay 400-600 rubles per day. That is, for a four-day project you will receive 2000 ₽.

An online poll in Telegram. The research takes months or even years. Telegram channel subscribers receive a questionnaire weekly. For example, two or four cookie packaging designs are evaluated. For this, they are paid 200 rubles once a month.

How to participate in surveys

Find offers. The first option is to drive into a search engine “taking part in surveys for money” and find 1001 sites where they offer to quickly take a survey and get from 10 rubles to 100 rubles. This is a completely normal way of earning money, but you will spend a lot of effort to earn at least 500 rubles.

The second option is to find specialized groups on VKontakte. They are created by marketing agencies or people looking for research participants. I advise you to subscribe to a couple of these groups to receive offers.

Submit your application. The recruiter indicates in the ad what data is required and where to send it. Usually, you are asked to indicate your full name, age, position, contact phone number, and the topic of the survey in which you want to participate.

Pass the selection. Participants are double-selected. First, they are selected by a recruiter, then a marketer. After receiving the application, the recruiter sends you a questionnaire. With its help, he finds out how much you fit the requirements of the marketer. You will be rejected if survey participants were already recruited while you filled out the questionnaire, or if you do not meet the criteria for a marketer.

Using the questionnaire, the marketer checks whether you know the brands that the survey is about. And he makes sure that the group has the right number of people of a certain age, wealth, and social status. For example, to participate in a focus group, only two unmarried women of 25 years old with an income of 30,000 rubles are required. This means that the third participant will be refused.

The marketer studies questionnaires for an online survey remotely. In the case of a focus group, participants are asked to come to the marketing agency 20 minutes before the start of the discussion and fill out the questionnaire again. 8-12 people come, and 6-10 are invited to the conversation. Two refuseniks receive compensation – 50% of the cost of the survey and leave the agency. This is done in order to accurately recruit the required number of participants.

If you want to increase the chances of getting approval from a marketer, prepare to fill out the questionnaire in advance: read about a product or brand on the Internet, study prices in stores.

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