Financial Books That Will Change Your Life & help you be successful Entrepreneur

Financial Books That Will Change Your Life & help you be successful Entrepreneur

My love of reading didn’t develop as just a habit, I was only read academic books, but later on as I start to grow I realized it was necessary to get me on the path as a successful Entrepreneur and to  help me with my financial freedom journey. What I didn’t know at the time was that it nursed me back to health, spiritually, physically, financially and emotionally.

As your deserve to be successful and rich, I wanted to share the 5 best  personal finance and Entrepreneur books .I’ve personally read that will really help you change your mind about what’s possible with your money, work & business.

This was one of the first financial books I ever read and probably had the most impact on me. This book taught me how the wealthy folk approached business and how they manage their finances versus people that do not have much money. There are many easy to read charts and graphs in this book that demonstrates where your assets and liabilities should be directed too. It was an eye-opener for me and I totally recommend this book, especially for younger readers.  If you’re a parent, then you need to read this book. With this book it’s easy to differentiate the main difference between liabilities and assets & many other stuff which will make it not only helpful for you now but also for your kids as they grow on.

This book is about Jason’s story from the time he was miserable even with his high income to the turning point in his life when he starts to get involved to help others with their financial situation. It is really inspiring. His mission to help others led to him creating the “Road to Financial Wellness”, where he held events all over the untied states helping as much as he can with their personal finance journeys.

If I had to choose which one was one of the best personal finance books of all time, this would be it. It covers why it’s important to clearly define your values, how to figure out your current financial situation, and a road map to get to financial freedom and beyond.

This was a really fun educational book to read about money.

I think Suze is such a great and persuasive speaker and influencer in the personal finance world. If you are someone that is struggling with your finances, then this book is for you. She covers all different type of topics from buying your first home, saving for your emergency fund, credit card debt, student loans, etc. And she writes about them in a fun, clear and easy  way.  You’ll want to keep this book close by at all times, especially if you just don’t know where to start when it comes to bettering your financial life.

I heard about Tony before getting to read any of his books, I was really not sure how good he will be as a writer, but as i got this book and start reading it i realized that Tony written a pretty easy financial educational book. It’s no wonder this book is on many other people’s list as one of the best personal finance books of all time.

Tony took the time to interview people who are considered world financial experts in this book. Where we can learn from those famous rich people on their best strategies to grew their business and wealth.

This book was interesting because it really examined why people have the habits that they do. The author really delves into understanding how habits are formed and how they work. I learned why people have habits around the subject of money. There are many stories that explore many different types of habits such as habits of exercise and diet just to name a few.  This book is great for people that want to reexamine themselves and learn about why they do the things that they do in life.

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