Top Online Investment Ways For Beginners in 2020

Online Investment ways/methods for beginners in 2020

Can I start to invest from home with no experience!?

In beginners if you want to do investment in online way following are the some ways and methods by which you can learn the investment ideas and easily invest online, the online investment is very easy to invest but it needs experienced and its take time to get profit.

All the new investor should be familiar with the below;

Set your price limits:

Before you starts online investment and learn easy investment ways you have to set your limits that how much you want to invest, to buy or sell a stock on higher level or lower so it’s very important  to set your limit you can place your order on your limit not on the market order

In online investment there are some high risks which is very important to know for the beginners

  • Low risk investment
  • Average risk investment
  • High risk investment

It can be further explained below;

Low risk investment:

  • In low risk investment the annual return is 1 percent to 2 percent.
  • And its poor return is 0 percent,
  • The strong return of low risk is 3 percent,
  • The risk of initial principal : its little to none,
  • Investment examples are municipal bonds, savings bonds

Average risk investment:

  • The average return is 3 percent to 8 percent,
  • The poor return is worse and 0 percent,
  • The strong return is 12 percent or better than its,
  • The risk of initial principal: its high,
  • The examples are, the funds of stocks index

High risk investment:

  • The average annual return is : minus -5 percent to 10 percent,
  • The poor return is minus-15 percent to -10 percent,
  • The poor return is minus-15 percent or worse,
  • The strong return is 20 percent, or better,
  • The risk of initial principal is high,
  • Examples are: real estate, commodities etc…

Online investment ways:

  • Online brokerages
  • Mutual funds
  • Robo counselor
  • Non-traditional
  • Online currency trading


Further explained below;

Online brokerages:

Online brokerages are the persons which run your online business and taking care of your investment on online level, they also take its charges for the care taking of your profit and lose.

Mutual funds:

if you want to invest in mutual fund, you are allowed to do online through mutual and family funds, it can be defined as it’s a fund and investment programmed that is funded by shareholders and it is professionally managed,

Robo counselor:

Robo counselor can be defined as when you open your online account of investment you will answer only few questions then the robo counselor will invest your money on the basis of your answers, it may charged you annual fee that is very low,


In online investment it involves real estate investments trust or loan making where you receives the payments of interests. these are the new way to invest online so the long term risks and the benefits are not clear,

Online currency trading:

In online currency trading the investor can heir a broker for its trading and give him a fee the broker should buy a currency when currency rates are on down level so can be sell out when rates get higher the broker should take care of the currency level high and low so the investor can get a profit and also get loss.

Things that can be invested online:

  • There are a lot of things that we can invest online some of them are defines as below;
  • Stocks
  • Mutual funds
  • Index funds
  • Target date funds
  • Exchanged traded funds
  • Bonds
  • Treasuries
  • Saving accounts
  • Direct stock investing
  • Buy shares
  • It can be briefly explain as below



In stocks when someone invests its money with individual stocks, the investor may purchase a piece of ownership from main owner of a company, like apple, Samsung, and nestle etc…

Mutual funds:

Mutual friends are collections of individual of several of hundreds of related investments, it can be exists for the stocks or bonds etc. and it includes related company categories which include restaurants and entertainments, these are the activities that can increase the market.

Index funds:

These are well managed funds that means they have low fee then the fee of mutual funds fee in both case upside and downside.

Target date funds:

A target-date fund is a fund it’s a type of mutual funds that recalibrateasset class weights over time so that it begins larger to stocks when you are younger to bonds as you age, its depend on the age..

Exchanged traded funds:

Exchanged target funds it’s also work like mutual or index funds but they can trade like a stock, you can do trade them in a day during day time, it’s very easy to trade during the day


Bonds can be define as it is a debt security for a business or district it has its own value for the purpose of trading,


It is type of bond by the federal government such as treasury bills and saving bonds

Saving accounts:

Saving account is a type minimum amount of interest but there is risk no principal, in saving accounts your money is fixed and save in bank and increase by adding interest on it from the saving organization,

Buy shares:

If you want to invest online the best investing way is to buy share of multinational company which is selling its share in a stock market so you can buy it online and then you will check on routine that what’s the price of that share and the level of increasing and decreasing when the price level of share increasing you can’t sell it in a market and when the price of share is decreases you can share online and get your profit easily, it’s the best way for beginners for online investment.

Direct stock investing:

In direct stock investing it’s a plan in which company sell its stock directly, in which many investors purchase a company’s stock directly without the involvement of broker the benefit of direct stock investing is that investor do not pay high fees to the broker and sometimes in direct stock investment investor gets a discount on purchasing of stocks.

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