How to Make Money as a Teen Girl

How to Make Money as a Teen Girl

Family education frees up time: what goes on in school over several days can be learned at home in just one lesson. Homeschoolers don’t waste time commuting to school and unnecessary electives. Homeschooled teenagers have time not only for study but also for hobbies, many of which can be monetized. So, not to the detriment of knowledge to earn pocket money.

Agree, it’s great to be rewarded for what you already like. We hope that the following ideas will inspire you to find the ideal hobby that will generate income for you.


If you love social networks and communication with people, then the blogosphere is your way of part-time work.

The simplest and most popular blogging platform right now is Instagram. They post photos with texts and Stories – short videos that disappear after 24 hours. It is unlikely that you will be able to make money on a blog with a small number of subscribers, but if you develop it, your popularity will increase and advertisers will pay attention to you.

If you enjoy shooting and editing videos, welcome to YouTube. When the channel reaches 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of views, the owner becomes a partner of the video hosting and can receive money.

Resources with short mobile clips – TikTok, Like and others – are also gaining popularity. So, Elizaveta Strizh switched to family education at the Foxford home online school, found that she had a lot of time free and began filming short videos. Within a year, she gained a million subscribers and began to make money on it.

Any blog topic can be. Some just share their lives like @tysya on Instagram. A 16-year-old girl, living in a village, was able to develop a blog with an audience of more than 1.2 million subscribers and create several business projects.

Someone chooses a narrow specific area – for example, the study of a foreign language or the psychology of relationships. Sixteen-year-old Snezhana Loboda successfully maintains the @snegana_sky account, which has more than 80 thousand active subscribers. The topics of her posts are self-acceptance, relationships with parents and loved ones, inner experiences, and everything that teenagers face.

To gain popularity, you need to invest in a blog work and energy. Here are some tips on how to grow and gain followers.

Think about your blog style. What will you talk about? What format? What is the target audience?

Make a publishing plan and stick to it. Not only the regularity is important, but also the semantic content of the content. If your blog is about learning or a specific aspect of education, such as a foreign language, you will be able to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom. You will kill two birds with one stone: information will be better fixed in your head, and subscribers will be interested in learning new things.

Sale of a photo on stocks

Are you interested in photography? Try to earn pocket money by working with photo stocks. A photo stock (photobank) is a place where photographers from all over the world and people who need photos come together.

There are many magazines, newspapers, websites in the world that need illustrations for articles, pages, and layouts monthly, weekly, and even daily. It’s not profitable to hire photographers every time. To solve this problem, photo banks have been created. With their help, even a photographer from a distant outback can sell his work all over the world, and people can get the illustrations they need.

A newcomer to a photo stock is unlikely to earn a large amount, but as pocket money – what you need. And if you grow and develop as a professional, you can turn photography into your main activity in the future.

Organization of events

Are you punctual, attentive, and responsible? Do you know how to organize events and manage people? Then try yourself as a manager.

A graduate of Foxford’s home online school, Anatoly Lukin, in the 11th grade, started working at ESL, one of the world’s esports organizations, and earning more than $ 200 a week. His responsibilities include helping to organize eSports tournaments in Russia. Anatoly speaks positively about his experience. In addition to the obvious plus in the form of pocket money, work motivates and makes it clear why you need to study.


This is another hobby that often brings pocket money to teenagers. Now the trend is graphic drawings created on a tablet. Such works are called “arts”.

Victoria Dominenko, a student of Foxford’s online home school, manages to make money on it. Vika sold her first works for 50 rubles, and now for 200.

Victoria Art

Alena Rudenko, another Foxford Externship graduate, switched to the family education, tired of conflicts with teachers over colored hair or drawings in a notebook. Now she makes her own money and plans to become a super cool specialist in the field of computer graphics. Alena loves to draw!

Caring for animals

If you love animals, you can combine business with pleasure. For example, you can earn pocket money by walking your dogs. Every hour of the dog walker’s work is paid at a pre-agreed rate. You can get about 200 rubles from the owners for one walk. Larger breed dogs pay more.

Look for busy dog owners among friends or neighbors and offer to take their pet for a walk for a small fee. You can search for vacancies on forums, message boards, or post ads yourself in the area.


Pocket money helps you learn how to plan your finances, instills a love of work, and satisfies the sense of independence so important in adolescence. Family education gives you more opportunities to develop and get your first independent income. But remember: a side job should not interfere with your studies.

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